Mundundung A̱strelya
Commonwealth of Australia (Shong)

Flag of Australia (converted).svg Coat of Arms of Australia.svg
Australia with AAT (orthographic projection).svg
A̱keangtung Kambera
Shi kyai 7,692,024 km²
Shi á̱niet 25,997,700 ab. (2022)

A̱bwom a̱byin: "Advance Australia Fair" (Cat Yaa̱son A̱strelya Ca̱caat)

A̱byin A̱strelya (Shong: Australia), á̱ lyen ma̱ng a̱lyoot a̱gwomna̱ti ka nang Mundundung A̱strelya (Shong: Commonwealth of Australia), yet a̱sa̱t a̱byin wa a̱ byia̱ a̱tsak a̱byin vam-a̱byin A̱strelya hu, a̱byin a̱ka̱wa̱tyia̱ a̱sa̱khwot Ta̱smeniya ka, ma̱ng a̱cyuang bibyin a̱ka̱wa̱tyia̱ a̱sa̱khwot ma̱ a̱di̱di̱t ghyáng.[1] A̱byin A̱strelya kya yet a̱byin ka ka̱ swak mi̱ shi di̱ fam a̱byin Osheniya a̱ni a̱wot ka̱ si̱ yet a̱taa mi̱ bibyin swanta ku swak mi̱ shi kyai a̱byin a̱ni. Shi á̱niet a̱byin hu shyia̱ kpa̱mkpaan ma̱ng miliyon 26, a̱wot shi kyai a̱mgba̱m a̱byin hu si̱ yet kilomita a̱ma̱ntanaai 7,617,930 (met a̱ma̱ntanaai 2,941,300),[2] ba̱ swat a̱ca̱cet a̱ka̱keang ma̱ a̱gba̱mgbam ba̱ si̱ nhyat fam kyai a̱sa̱khwot a̱tyin hu ba̱t.[3] Kambera hwa yet a̱keangtung a̱byin ka, a̱wot Sidni si̱ yet a̱gba̱ndang a̱keang a̱ swak mi̱ shi wu. A̱ca̱cet a̱ka̱keang á̱ghyang nia yet: Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide ma̱ng Newcastle.


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